Race regulation defines the main points concerning the participation. Each participant undertakes to accept the following regulations upon completion of the online registration form, giving his consent. For more information on the individual points, you can consult the section Terms & Conditions and the dedicated menu items. The Organization reserves the right to make changes to the regulation for reasons related to the improvement the event organization.




Only athletes who have reached the majority age (18 years old) can participate.

The participant must be aware that participation in the event requires a demanding physical effort.

To participate in the competition it is necessary to have registered online. We don’t accept telephone registrations or email. To obtain the final confirmation of your registration it is mandatory to have made the payment within 10 days following the registration.

The requirements to participate in the Garmin We Tri race are:

  • be enrolled in one of the following italian sports federations: FITRI, FIN, FIDAL, FCI, UDACE, UISP for the competitive activity or, for foreign athletes, be in possession of a regular membership card for swimming, cycling, running or triathlon of one’s own state.


  • be in possession of a competitive sports certificate FOR SPORTS: SWIMMING, CYCLING, ATLETICS OR TRIATHLON, sending it to the organization at the email address info@trioevents.it after completing the registration procedure.

In the first case it will be possible to register for the race using the “TESSERATO” mode and indicating the card number.

In the second case it will be possible to register according to the “AMATEUR” mode

Foreign participants who are not registered abroad with a sport society can also take part by filling in the appropriate form available for download HERE or in the registration form. This form must be sent to the organization at the email address info@trioevents.it after completing the registration procedure.

In any case, the certificate must be valid for the date of the race. Athletes who don’t show up with a valid certificate can not take part in the race.




  • WETSUIT: Unless otherwise communicated by the organizer of the event, the swimming wetsuit is mandatory for the open water race. Participants without a wetsuit will not be allowed to compete.
  • BIKE: it is allowed to use time trial bikes equipped with extensions.
  • WHEELS: it is allowed to make use of rear lenticular wheel and wheels also with less than 12 spokes (spoked wheels)
  • BOTTLE: in addition to water bottles inserted in the column tube and / or in the down tube, it is allowed: the positioning of the water bottle holder on the rear of the saddle (max 2 water bottles) and / or extensions applied to the handlebar (1 bottle), is allowed the use of camelback type containers.
  • DRAFT: Garmin We Tri race is a NO DRAFT race (not allowed).
  • NO DRAFT RULES: An athlete is considered in the wake when he enters the wake area “A”, A as defined below: – “A” is a rectangle parallel to the road surface with an orthogonal base to the direction of travel 3m wide. The center of the base segment coincides with the extreme point of the front wheel. For races with only “Elite” athletes the length of “A” is 12 m, regardless of the race distance; For races open to “Age-Group” athletes, the length of “A” is 10 m, regardless of the race distance. The athletes must proceed on the RIGHT side of the roadway and do not obstruct and hinder the overtaking of other athletes. If the width of the roadway, the contest and traffic allow it, more athletes are allowed to overtake each other, on condition that each they do it by going over to the left and leaving the competitors who are surpassing on their right.
  • If the width of the roadway, the contest and traffic context allow it, more athletes are allowed to overtake each other, on the condition that each of them does it by going over to the left and leaving the competitors on the right.
  • Overtaking on the right is forbidden.
  • Please proceed paired.
  • The athletes who prevaricate overtaking overtaking perpetrate the infraction of “blocking” and are punishable by penalty time.
  • An athlete can proceed through the “A” area referred to another competitor, but the overtaking phase must be evident, which can not last more than 20 seconds.
  • The overtaken athlete can in turn undertake a new overtaking phase only when he has left the ski area of the competitor that precedes him.
  • Overtaking is achieved when the rear wheel of a competitor exceeds the front wheel of the other competitor; from that moment the athlete passed must be considered in the wake and if, in the times granted, he does not escape the wake of the competitor who has overtaken him, if necessary he will have to slow down.
  • Once overcome, it is the athlete’s responsibility to remove himself from the wake area, if necessary by braking, of the competitor who precedes him within 15 seconds and keep the right of the roadway.
  • The entry into the wake area of another competitor is permitted in the following circumstances: – 20 “for overtaking; – for justified security reasons; – in the 100 m before and after the designated assistance areas (wheels / refueling); – in the 100 meters of arrival or exit from the exchange area; – in the 100 meters of arrival or exit from a U-turn; – in areas reported by the Organization
  • Penalty for wake. In case of drafting the athlete will be sanctioned with time penalty. A blue card will be exposed to the athlete to report the infraction related to the wake (time penalty) while a yellow card will be exposed for any other infractions (warnings). The penalty per wake is communicated to the competitor, in one of the following ways, (conditions of competition and safety permitting): – whistling to the athlete and showing him the Blue Card; – calling the athlete’s bib number and showing them the Blue Card; – verbally calling the Athlete’s attention and showing them the Blue Card; if the conditions of competition and security allow it, the Judge also communicates the reason for which the sanction was imposed, however, given that the Referee will report it on the relevant Sheet of Admonitions that will be exposed at the end of the race. The athlete must amend the penalty by wake in the following ways: – the athlete must stop in the penalty box of cycling or where indicated by the judge and remain stationary for 5 minutes and in any case, for the time indicated by the judge and expected by regulation. The Penalty Time related to infractions committed for the exploitation of wake, as far as possible, must be amended in the Penalty Box present on the cycling path; if this is not present there or there are impediments that do not allow it, we will opt for the one present on the RUN path or in the impossibility or for the particular contest context that has come to create, using the Stop and Go. ‘athlete, once received the penalty for infraction of wake, must stop at the penalty box he meets, under penalty of disqualification.
  • DISQUALIFICATION: The Organizer reserves the right, at any time, to stop or disqualify participants, if at its discretion, believes that such action is necessary for security reasons or for the proper performance of the event of the other Participants or for any another reason. No refund of the Registration will be due if the Participant has acted negligently, maliciously, with intentional misconduct, without due care and attention to the Event or the other participants, such as to cause his / her disqualification / disqualification; The above-mentioned athletes may be forbidden for life to participate in the events organized by TriO Events.
  • ROAD RULES: All competitors must comply with the rules established by the Highway Code. In the fraction of cycling the roads will be traffic controlled with the presence of about 100 volunteers involved in traffic monitoring and control of crossings
  • RETREAT MATERIAL RACE: The collection of the race material must be done only by the athlete, showing to the custody staff their bib number.
  • OBLIGATORY EQUIPMENT: All participants must wear the suit during the swimming competition and the helmet during the cycling race. In addition, each participant must correctly position the bib number in cycling and racing competitions and the stickers on bicycle and body helmets. Finally it is mandatory to wear the ankle chip during all the races.



4. GATES (maximum times)

Maximum time for individual races:

WE SWIM 3800m: 2 hours and 30 minutes

WE BIKE 180km: 8 hours

WE RUN 42km: 5 hours

For the half distances there are no gates.

The organizer of the event can induce the participant to interrupt the race if it exceeds the deadline imposed to guarantee the correct and safe execution of the event.




The management reserves the right to change the route at its sole discretion for reasons related to the improvement of traffic and safety of athletes. Any changes will be promptly reported to the athletes and on the event website.

The organization reserves the right to reduce or restrict access to the routes during the course of the race in case of adverse weather conditions.




Registration is made on the website GARMIN WE TRI

Once the online registration procedure has been completed, an order confirmation email will be sent from the system and a payment confirmation email will be sent. In case of no reception check the SPAM box. In any case, the user can verify the registration by consulting the SUBSCRIBERS LIST published on the website of the competition.

The payment methods are: bank transfer or credit card.

The data to make the payment by bank transfer on bank account are the following:

Beneficiary: Racemate

IBAN: IT60V0103054460000010419855


Bank: Monte dei Paschi di Siena – Desenzano del Garda agency

Online registrations are open until midnight on May 22nd 2018, after which it will no longer be possible to register.

The registration fees for the different distances are as follows:

15 dic – 31 jan 01 feb – 30 apr 01 may – 22 may
WE TRI – 3.8 + 180 + 42 200 € 250 € 280 €
WE RELAY – 3.8 + 180 + 42 200 € 250 € 280 €
WE SWIM – 3.8 50 € 60 € 70 €
WE BIKE – 180 80 € 90 € 100 €
WE RUN – 42 50 € 60 € 70 €


15 dic – 31 jan 01 feb – 30 apr 01 may – 22 may
WE TRI – 1.9 + 90 + 21 150 € 190 € 220 €
WE RELAY – 1.9 + 90 + 21 150 € 190 € 220 €
WE SWIM – 1.9 40 € 50 € 60 €
WE BIKE – 90 60 € 70 € 80 €
WE RUN – 21 30 € 40 € 50 €

The registration fee includes:

The race pack

  • Silicon cap
  • Official gadget of the race
  • Products offered by sponsors
  • Race magazine
  • Pectoral
  • Adhesive for bag storage
  • CHIP MySDAM for timing
  • Access to WE TRI PARTY on Friday and Saturday nights

The finisher medal




It is possible to make group registration using the online registration form using “Add a friend” mode. In this way, multiple participants can be added within the same order.

IMPORTANT: when registering a friend, enter the person’s email address (and not your own!). In this way all the members will receive confirmation emails and subsequent communications before the race.

For collective or team registration, data provided by the person making the entries on behalf of third parties is considered responsible; the latter subscribes and accepts the rules in every part of every registered athlete.

The collective registration will be finalized only upon payment of the registration fees, to be made no later than 10 days from the online registration date. After this deadline, the registration will be automatically canceled by the system. Even the booked accessory services (accompanying dinner, etc.) must be paid upon registration.




J1 = <20 years

J2 = 21-29 years

M1 = 30-39 years

M2 = 40-49 years

S1 = 50-59 years

S2= over 60 years




The timing will be performed by an Official Timer SDAM with technology based on the use of “chips”. Each participant will be provided with a daily chip, which must be returned at the end of the race. Staff will be in charge of collecting chips and verifying their status. In case of non-return, € 15.00 will be charged. Information and conditions on the use of the chips are published on the MYSDAM website. Failure or incorrect use of the chip will result in non-inclusion in the ranking and non-allocation of time spent.

The rankings will be published on the MYSDAM website at the end of each competition. Subsequently, the rankings will also be published on the race site.




The € 2,400.00 prize pool is reserved for the WE TRI competition, divided as follows:

1st ABSOLUTE MAN: € 300.00 (full distance and half distance)

2nd ABSOLUTE MAN: € 200.00 (full distance and half distance)

3rd ABSOLUTE MAN: € 100.00 (full distance and half distance)


1st ABSOLUTE WOMAN: € 300.00 (full distance and half distance)

2nd ABSOLUTE WOMAN: € 200.00 (full distance and half distance)

3rd ABSOLUTE WOMAN: 100.00 € (full distance and half distance)


The first men and women of each category with trophies will be awarded.

For the WE SWIM, WE BIKE and WE RUN races, the first three absolute men and women with trophies will be awarded prizes.




It is foreseen the use of more ambulances with doctors and nurses, fixed First Aid points, one of which is permanent in the arrival area, mobile service with motorbikes and specialized personnel. Fixed and mobile points of Radio Relief.




There will be a refreshment for the WE SWIM race at the end of the first round of 1900m.

For the WE BIKE race there will be a restaurant every 20km.

For the WE RUN race there is a refreshment point every 5 km.




In case of non-participation the registration fee will not be refunded.

If it is communicated to the organization within May, 10th 2018 the amount paid will be held valid for the next edition, with the charge of € 5.00 for secretarial expenses. The transferred registration is not transferable to third parties.

It is possible to replace athletes registered in the competition by and no later than May, 22nd 2018 (closing date of registrations) giving communication with the data of the substitute (name, surname, e-mail, card number or medical certificate) at the address info@trioevents.it. Beyond this term, substitution requests will no longer be accepted, for organizational reasons.




SWIM RACE – FRIDAY JUNE, 1st 2018 – Distances: 3800m / 1900m

  • 10:00 am- 4:30 pm Pick up race packages for the Swim Race at Spiaggia degli Olivi restaurant in Riva del Garda  (until 6:30 pm also for Bike & Run Race)
  • 4:30 pm Briefing pre-race
  • 5:00 pm Departure, at Sabbioni beach
  • 8:00 pm We Tri Party at Spiaggia degli Olivi restaurant
  • 9:00 pm Swim Race Awards at Spiaggia degli Olivi restaurant

BIKE RACE – SATURDAY JUNE, 2nd 2018 – Distance 180km / 90km

  • 7:00 am-8:30 am Pick up of race packages for Bike Race at Spiaggia degli Olivi restaurant in Riva del Garda (from 4:00 am to 8:00 pm also for Run Race)
  • 8:30 am Briefing pre-race
  • 9:00 am Departure in via Magnolie, Arco
  • 7:00 pm We Tri Party at Spiaggia degli Olivi restaurant
  • 8:00 pm Bike Race Awards at Spiaggia degli Olivi restaurant

RUN RACE – SUNDAY JUNE, 3rd 2018 – Distance 42km / 21 km

  • 7:00 am-8:00 am Pick up race packages for Run Race at Spiaggia degli Olivi restaurant in Riva del Garda
  • 8:30 am Briefing pre-race
  • 9:00 am Departure
  • 2:00 pm We Tri Party at Spiaggia degli Olivi restaurant
  • 3:00 pm Run Race Awards and follow Final Awards at Spiaggia degli Olivi restaurant


To collect race numbers it is essential to present a copy of the registration receipt and an identity document.

The bib number can also be collected by third parties, presenting a copy of the registration form.

For the teams, only one team leader with their own document and the list of their members with their card numbers can be presented for collection on the company’s headed paper, signed by the company’s chairman.