How many Garmin We Tri races can I register?

Garmin We Tri is a format that allows you to participate in different ways. You can decide whether to participate in all the races divided into three days (swimming, cycling and running) or in full distance or half distance.

Alternatively you can choose to participate only in one race or two in three races (both in full and half versions). Finally, the relay mode is also available.

Which clothing is allowed?

During the swimming competition it will be compulsory to wear the suit for all the participants. Under the pack it is allowed to use the racing costume or the racing body.
The competitor must wear: body / costume, cap, goggles, nose clip and suit.

During the cycling race, it is recommended to wear a racing body or a cycling suit.

For the running race the athlete must wear the appropriate running shoes and keep the race body worn or use a running suit.

NB: it is important that in the fractions of cycling and running the bib is well positioned and visible.
Each athlete must use the appropriate removable tattoos to stamp their chest number even on the arm and calf.

Is it necessary to wear the suit?

For all participants in the swimming competition it will be mandatory to wear the suit.

Will be a bag deposit available?

Yes, there will be an area used as bag deposit, supervised by our staff. To collect your bag you will have to present your bib number to the staff. On the bag you will have previously placed a sticker with your number, which you will find inside the race pack.

The bag deposit area will be marked on the spot, on the day of the race.

How are the race courses made?

It is possible to view all the details related to the swimming, cycling and running route directly on the race site, within the COURSES section; here you can view the characteristics of the routes and detailed maps.

What characteristics must the bike have?

Both the use of racing bikes and the use of time trial bikes are allowed.

For more info, read the REGULATION in the “Competition Rules” section.

Is the draft allowed in the cycling fraction?

The draft is not allowed. Garmin We Tri is a NO DRAFT race.

For more information about draft rules, read the REGULATION

Where should I go and at what time?

In the PROGRAM section of the race site you will find all the times and useful information

Can I collect my race pack from a friend?

Yes, it is possible, provided that you are up to date with registration and payment.

What does the race pack contain?

Race pack consists of an envelope containing:

  • Pectoral
  • Numbered headset
  • Pasta party access bracelet
  • Helmet and bike stickers
  • Tattoo
  • Magazine of the event
  • Event gadget
  • Possible coupons for discounts and gadgets

How should I wear the chip? Is it mandatory to wear it?

The chip will be supplied to you inside the race pack. You will have to wear it otherwise your time can not be detected and you will not be able to appear in the ranking.

The chip must be positioned at the ankle, using the special lace always supplied in the race pack.

At the end of the race the chip must be returned. Once you reach the finish line, you will find the appropriate containers in which you will have to deposit it. All those who have not returned the chip will be charged a penalty of € 15.00.

What is the maximum time allowed to finish the race?

Maximum time for the swimming competition: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Maximum time to carry out the cycling race: 8 hours

Maximum time to run the race: 5 hours

Is it possible to request a refund of the registration fee?

As per the Race Regulations, it is not possible to reimburse the amount paid.

In case of non-participation, the registration can be held valid for the next edition if it is communicated to within and not beyond the terms established by the Race Regulations.
The transfer of the tender to the next edition entails the application of € 5.00 for secretarial expenses.


If I can no longer participate can I keep the registration fee valid?

You can keep your registration and the amount paid for the next edition of the same race.

You will have to inform us at your non-participation within the terms established by the Race Regulations, ie no later than 11 June 2018.

You will be forwarded an email containing a coupon to be used at the time of enrollment in the race the following year. By entering the code in the appropriate area of the checkout area, the cost of your registration will be reset, thus compensating the amount you paid in the previous edition. € 5.00 of secretarial fees will be applied, as per the Race Regulations.


  • in addition to the established terms, it will no longer be possible to satisfy your request, for organizational reasons;
  • the coupon does not compensate for any differences in the cost of registration between one edition and another.
  • the coupon does not guarantee you the place in the race, you will have to provide for registration during the registration opening period.

What do I do if I have lost the confirmation e-mail required to collect the bib number?

All athletes must print and take the registration confirmation mail with them on the day of the competition.

This email is a further confirmation of your registration and not only, even of your payment.

In exceptional cases, if you have forgotten or lost the email, you can still pick up the bib presenting your ID.

It is possible to pick up the bib at the competition office during the following times:


at the Riva del Garda competition office from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm (for SWIM RACE) and until 6:30 pm for BIKE and RUN RACE


at the Riva del Garda call office from 7:00 am to 8:00 am (for BIKE RACE) and until 6:00 pm for RUN RACE


at the Riva del Garda call office from 7:00 am to 8:00 am (for RUN RACE)

I haven't a membership card. How can I participate?

If you are not a member in a sport federation, you can register for the competition by presenting the organization a competitive medical certificate specifically for the sports: TRIATHLON, ATHLETICS, CYCLING, SWIM.

For foreign athlete, download the form HERE

Proceed with the online registration on the contest website in the SIGN UP section.

The system will ask you to select the registration mode: you can register as an AMATEUR.

Once you have completed your registration, you can send a copy of your valid sport medical certificate to

In extreme cases, the certificate will also be accepted on the day of the race, provided it is presented in a copy that we can retain.

Warning: the medical certificate is a very important document and must be:

Specific for the sports indicated above
Valid (not expired)

When you have sent the certificate, TriO Events staff will give you feedback on correctness and validity.

NB: the certificate must be regulated. Those who have not presented the document or the secretariat on the day of the competition will not be able to participate in the competition!

When do the registrations close?

The closing of entries takes place 10 days before the day of the race, as per the Race Regulations or on 21 May 2018 (unless the sold out has been reached before this date).

Once the term expires, no exceptions of any kind will be accepted and it will not be possible to include any athlete in the race.

No exceptions are made, each athlete will receive the same treatment.

How can I verify my registration?

You can access the RaceMate registration system at any time using the email and password you registered with.
Your registration is complete if you have received the order confirmation email and the payment confirmation email.

Be careful, these emails can end up in spam. Then check your junk email too.

You can check the status of your registration at any time by consulting the list of members.

Can underage athletes participate?

Only athletes who have reached the age of majority (18 years) are allowed.

If I can not participate, can I be replaced by another athlete who will take my place?

You can access information on the terms and conditions for replacing the race with another athlete in the REGULATION. To make a replacement you can contact us at indicating the data of the athlete replaced and the athlete taking over the deadline for making substitutions coincides with the closing date of registrations, ie May 22, 2018. We do not accept exceptions to the expiry of this deadline, for organizational reasons.

Is it possible to register team members?

Yes it is possible, the president of the company (or a contact person of the group) must indicate a list of the names and data of the athletes who want to register at It will be our staff to register each athlete. The following information is required: name and surname, email (one address for each athlete), n. FITRI card, mobile phone, address, contact in case of emergency, gadget size.Alternatively, each athlete must register for the race independently, entering their data and accepting the regulation. The company will be able to pay the total cost of the registrations in a single solution. At that point, each athlete will be confirmed the registration.

Can I switch from being registered as an Amateur in writing as a member?

Yes, you can contact us at indicating the federation or sports association you belong to and your card number. We will give you confirmation of the change.

What will the awards consist of?

The € 2,400.00 prize pool is reserved for the WE TRI competition, divided as follows:1ST ABSOLUTE MAN: € 300.00 (full distance and half distance)2nd ABSOLUTE MAN: € 200.00 (full distance and half distance)3rd ABSOLUTE MAN: € 100.00 (full distance and half distance)1ST ABSOLUTE WOMAN: € 300.00 (full distance and half distance)2 ° ABSOLUTE WOMAN: € 200.00 (full distance and half distance)3rd ABSOLUTE WOMAN: 100.00 € (full distance and half distance) 

The first men and women of each category with trophies will be awarded.

For the WE SWIM, WE BIKE and WE RUN races, the first three absolute men and women with trophies will be awarded prizes.

Why is it cheaper to register for the three races separately than to subscribe to the entire distance Garmin We Tri?

Participants who decide to register at WE TRI distances, compared to those who register for the individual races, will receive a richer race pack and will receive a different type of award at the end of the event. Moreover, for them it is possible to take part in the WE TRI Party of all three days of competition.

Are there any refreshment points?

There will be a refreshment for the WE SWIM race at the end of the first round of 1900m.

For the WE BIKE race there will be a restaurant every 20km.

For the WE RUN race there is a refreshment point every 5 km.

Will a pre-race brief be sent?

Yes, the pre-race brief will be sent to all participants via email about 2-3 days before the event. Also before each race there is a pre-race brief also on site.

Will the roads be closed to traffic?

Roads will be closed to traffic on certain sections. In other points there will be a lane completely reserved for athletes, while traffic will flow in the opposite course.