These conditions are an integral part of the tender regulations. Each participant accepts the race rules and terms and conditions when registering for the race.

All decisions of the Organization are to be considered mandatory. As a result, the participant agrees to comply with all rules, instructions and guidelines provided by staff, marshals and security personnel. The Participant recognizes and accepts that the Organizer will have the exclusive authority and will be the final arbiter on all decisions concerning safety, management, organization, rules, times of arrival of the race.


The participating athlete recognizes that participation in the Event is physically tiring.

It is recognized that participation in the event will be physically demanding and the Participant is aware of the nature of the event and of the associated medical and physical risks.

The Participant acknowledges that he is physically able to compete during the event and agrees to be solely responsible for his actions and that the organizer of the event is not responsible for any injury or illness that the Participant may suffer as a result of his participation in the Event if not directly attributable to the negligence of the organization.

The Participant accepts that should any medical or physical conditions arise that may affect their ability to compete before the Event, they must be withdrawn in accordance with these Regulations.


The Participant undertakes to comply with all applicable rules and regulations, including the Italian Triathlon Federation (FITRI), the regulation of the event, the current regulations on Doping and the rules and regulations of the International Union of Triathlon (“ITU “). The Participant will not be entitled to reimbursement if the latter is disqualified from the Event following a violation of the rules of the Regulations. The organizer of the event also has the right to impose its own rules on the participant who from time to time will become an integral part of the Rules.

TriO Eventi S.S.D. as Organizer of Garmin We Tri declines all responsibility for itself and its employees, for accidents or damage to persons or property, which may occur before, during and after the event or as a result of the same.


Except in the case that Event Organizer undertakes to ensure safety during the course of the Event, the Participant acknowledges that the insurance for accidents and personal belongings is his sole responsibility.

The Participant recognizes and accepts that circumstances related to an Event may change for reasons beyond the Organizer’s control. The modifications necessary for any necessary need can not be taken by the Participant to cancel the registration and request the refund of the fee. By way of example, and only for illustrative purposes, they may change provisions relating to schedules, rules concerning the suit, agreements with hotels, etc. The Organizer can not be held responsible unless otherwise stated in this document.


The minimum age to participate in the competitions is 18 years before the date of the event.

The Participant declares and guarantees that the registration is purchased exclusively for personal use, which can not be transferred for free except in the cases provided for by the tender regulations, which is not purchased for any form of commercial activity (unless expressly authorized by the organizer of the event), and in particular, that the registration can not be resold or offered for resale, or used as a premium for advertising or promotional use, travel packages or for other commercial purposes.

Donation, assignment, resale or attempted resale are grounds for cancellation or cancellation without refund or other compensation.


The Participant is not entitled to participate in the Event until the full payment of the enrollment. No payment will be considered as received until the event organizer has received the funds available on his current account.


The Organization is not responsible in case of cancellation of the event due to Force Majeure (war, fire, strike, extremely adverse weather conditions, accidents, civil unrest or any other cause beyond the control).

Moreover, if the conditions require it, the organizers of the event will be able to reduce or modify the race routes.

No refund or penalty will be due for the above reasons, even against those who have purchased the event insurance.

In case of cancellation of the event by TriO Events, we will do our best to inform all athletes as soon as possible. All events will be reimbursed in full or the payment will be fully transferred to another event with TriO Events. The Organization assumes no responsibility for any consequential loss and any liability to reimburse any other costs that may have occurred, including transport costs, accommodation, etc.


If the Participant has not purchased the event insurance, he will not be able to receive any refund in case of non-participation. It is always possible to use the clauses of the regulation that deal with cases of non-participation and substitutions.

If the Participant has purchased the event insurance, he / she can request a refund by and no later than 20 May 2018, by contacting the Organization at info@trioevents.it


The athlete registered to Garmin We Tri expressly authorizes the free use of his image, of his personal data together with still images or moving and its dissemination by press and / or television for the purposes of dissemination and promotion, present and future , connected to the TriO events related sporting and / or promotional events.


The athletes and the managers of the companies to which they belong, by sending the application form to GARMIN WE TRI 2018, declare that they know and accept the regulations published on the website of the event.