A new Garmin’s event

Garmin’s commitment to Triathlon is consolidated, for years the company has been the Title Sponsor of an important Italian event for this discipline: the Garmin TriO Series circuit, which includes the stages of Sirmione, Senigallia and Peschiera.

This year the list of races sponsored by Garmin is also enriched by the spectacular Garmin WE TRI: “This project stems from the competence of those who play sports and the will of those who believe in its values. says Silvia Schiapparoli, Marcom Fitness manager of Garmin Italia. “Garmin is the industry leader and spokesperson of a movement that continues to grow and asks for professionalism, reliability and ad hoc tools for training and competition, to help achieve the most ambitious goals. Garmin WE TRI is the absolute novelty on Italian soil of a competition format that tests athletes on various distances and sports, a successful event also abroad.”

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